gastriEASE for dogs

  • Most dogs will have an upset tummy at some point in their lives, perhaps with diarrhea, vomiting or dry heaving. Or perhaps excess gas and bloating. Stress and anxiety can also cause an upset stomach. Dogs with an upset stomach often eat grass to help settle it down. gastriEASE is a blend of 4 herbs to help support the correct functioning of the digestive tract. With Meadowsweet, Fenugreek, Marshmallow and Chamomile. If systems persist, or if you are concerned, always consult your veterinarian. 500g pack. FREE POSTAGE ON ALL ORDERS OVER $30! 500g pack.
  • A 5g dose of gastriEASE for Dogs contains the following ingredients: Meadowsweet 825mg; Fenugreek 825mg; Marshmallow Root 600mg; Chamomile 250mg; other ingredient - whey protein concentrate.
  • Recommended dose using 5g scoop. Do not exceed recommended dose unless under the advice of a veterinarian.
    Body weight No. Scoops
    2.5kg 0.5
    5kg 1
    10kg 2
    15kg 3
    20kg 4
    25kg 5

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