Devil's Claw natural pain relief

Is your pet in pain? Arthritis, sore joints, sore muscles?


None of us like to see our best friend suffer. Now you can help improve the quality of life and happiness of your pet with the natural pain relieving properties of Devil's Claw.

This tasty formulation is an easy-to-use powder. Simply mix in with your pet's food - no more stress around pill swallowing! For dog owners there are 2 different formulation sizes to choose from. If your dog weighs from 2.5kg to 25kg choose Devil's Claw for Dogs, but if your best friend is a bit bigger (30kg+) choose Devil's Claw for Big Dogs. The different packs ensure your pet gets the right amount of Devil's Claw for his weight so he gets the maximum pain relieving benefits. And of course, there is Devil's Claw for Cats too.

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The Devil's Claw plant originates in South Africa and has long been used there for its pain relieving properties. Since then it has been investigated for use in both humans and animals for conditions such as back pain, arthritis and rheumatism. The pain relieving effects of Devil's Claw have been found to be similar to traditional medicines such as phenylbutazone (Montavon 1994). In Wynn's "Veterinary Herbal Medicine" Devil's Claw is indicated for osteoarthritis, back pain and muscle pain (rheumatism).

Don't delay - have a happy, healthier pet today!