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Dermatitis? Allergies? Dry flaky skin? Hair loss?

Is your pet's scratching making their lives miserable? Skin problems are a common reason for a visit to the vet for cats, and there are over 160 different skin disorders in dogs! Some of these chronic conditions need to be managed throughout your pet's life. TRY:-

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"Just a quick update on the itchEASE - it has made such a difference! Our dogs has cost a fortune in allergy tests etc, trialling products from overseas etc and yours has had the most success. Thank you!!" Karina C. South Australia.

"I have 2 yellow Labradors. Max the younger one is the one we required it for. He tore his hindquarters till it was absolutely bare. Thanks to you and a holisitic veterinary he is replacing his coat fast and is coming to look wonderful', Alec H, NSW.

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Treat your pet's condition from the inside out. As the largest organ in the body, skin conditions can be a symptom of system imbalance and poor immune function. itchEASE is a tasty powder supplement that you simply add to your pet's normal food. No stress over pill swallowing, or external shampoo treatments that may only provide temporary relief. The special blend of herbal ingredients is designed to tone your pets whole system to reduce inflammation and itchiness, support healthy skin and a shiny, glossy coat.

Don't delay! Have a healthy, happy pet today!

dog readingitchEASE is a blend of Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Cleavers, Nettle, Chamomile and Ginger. In Wynn's "Veterinary Herbal Medicine" burdock is indicated for chronic skin disorders, whilst sarsaparilla is indicated for atopic dermatitis and other chronic inflammatory skin disorders. Studies have demonstrated that Chamomile has strong antipruritic (anti-itch) properties, with scratching behaviour significantly reduced (Kobayashi, 2003).