Omega-3 for BIG DOGS

  • Omega-3's need to be provided in your pets diet. They have a whole host of health benefits and can help support healthy skin, a glossy coat and help reduce inflammation in a number of conditions. With this dry powder product which encapsulates and protects the Omega-3's from going rancid when exposed to the air you no longer have to deal with messy oils or gel caps. Simply mix the correct dose straight into your pets damp feed! Click here for more information about Omega-3's. 500g pack. FREE POSTAGE ON ALL ORDERS OVER $30! 500g pack.
  • 1 x 12g scoop (included in pack) of Omega 3 for Big Dogs provides 744mg of combined EPA & DHA Omega-3 fatty acids. Other ingredients: starch coating.
  • Recommended dose using 12g scoop. Do not exceed recommended dose unless under the advice of a veterinarian.
    Body weight No. Scoops
    30kg 1 x level
    40kg 1 x heaped
    50kg 1.5 x level
    60kg 1.75 x level
    70kg 2 x level

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