itchEASE for dogs

  • Skin problems in dogs are very common, in fact there are over 160 different skin disorders. Some are curable, others chronic that need a long term management plan. Some have a simple cause such as parasites, others are caused by a hereditary condition or an autoimmune disorder. itchEASE for dogs is a blend of 6 herbs to help support healthy skin and a shiny, glossy coat. With Burdock, Sarsaparilla, Cleavers, Nettle, Chamomile and Ginger. 500g pack. FREE POSTAGE ON ALL ORDERS OVER $30! 500g pack.
  • A 5g dose of itchEASE for Dogs contains the following ingredients: Burdock 625mg; Sarsaparilla 500mg; Cleavers 500mg; Nettle 375mg; Chamomile 375mg; Ginger 125mg; other ingredient - whey protein concentrate.
  • Recommended dose using 5g scoop. Do not exceed recommended dose unless under the advice of a veterinarian.
    Body weight No. Scoops
    2.5kg 0.5
    5kg 1
    10kg 2
    15kg 3
    20kg 4
    25kg 5

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